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  • whitedevil_225px

    In Bookstores May 10

  • The White Devil is my second novel. It will be published May 10, 2011. It’s a literary ghost story about an American teenager who attends a British boys boarding school, and becomes the target of a haunting.

    This site is an informal, digressive place where I share the information and inspiration behind the novel. A lot of time, labor, love and fun goes into writing a novel. So I have a lot to say. But let's face it, there's only so much my wife and friends are willing to listen to. It's like I'm trying to talk shop... to no one. Best to stuff it all here, my very public, very overflowing cabinet of research and notes, and hope that it's interesting for others to browse.

    Welcome to the domain of ghosts, tuberculosis, and boarding school memories. I’m glad you’re here.